Our Team

Brett Rehaume

Owner/Shop Foreman | Facility Operator


Brett is one of the owners along with his partner Crystal. Brett has had a passion for automotive from modifying all of his vehicles since high school. He loves taking stock vehicles and customizing them to fit the owners personality. It’s very rare that you don’t find Brett at the shop unless He is out finding vehicles to customize.

Crystal Cabelguen

Owner/Office Manager


Crystal is the owner alongside Brett, her partner. Crystal is a small town girl that grew up around big trucks covered in dirt, she has a passion for jeeps with lifts and that’s exactly what she owns. A yellow jeep with a 3.5” lift. If you can’t find Crystal at the shop , she is most likely out in the mud with her jeep and 2 dogs.

Sabrina Spenceley

Office Administration / Service Writer


Sabrina started in the automotive industry at a very young age, fixing vehicles with her “handy” plastic tool set in her fathers mechanic shop. She is very passionate about supporting women in the automotive industry, continuing to excel in customer communication. She is currently our Office administrator and Service Writer. When Sabrina is not working, She is out 4x4ing or finding something to do involving Cars and trucks.

Richie Courrier

Head Service Advisor


Richie started his career in automotive right out of high school working for the ford dealership back in 1987 along with building his own hot rods. His favorite was his 1979 Ford LTD 2 door which he rebuilt to have 650HP to the rear. He is now our Head Service Advisor and continues to excel with his knowledge when it comes to automotive.

Rob Potts

Shop Supervisor | Hybrid Tech | Commercial Vehicle Inspector

Rob is our shop supervisor as well as our Hybrid tech. He has been into automotive since high school when he built his own race car then his family opened a Subaru only auto wrecker and repair here on Vancouver Island. His journey with Hybrid repairs started here at our shop and he has been glued to it since. He loves rebuilding and reconditioning hybrid batteries, when not doing that he is out in the bushes with his family fishing and hunting.

Jacob Dale

Technician & Diagnostic Specialist

Jacob never got shops to work on his vehicles growing up, from the first one he owned he always did his own repairs  which is how he found out how much he liked doing it. He loves to keep himself busy by always having a project of some sort on the go. He is one of the technicians here at the shop and he continues to leave our customers feeling safe and happy with the repairs, making sure the customer knows exactly what the issue was.

Korey Nolan


Korey is one of our Technicians. Korey has been pulling wrenches since he could walk and talk, growing up helping his dad with vehicles. He is very passionate about his work and excels in portraying his knowledge of vehicles. He currently has a 1967 El Camino with a big block 4 speed.. So when he’s not pulling wrenches for us, He is working on his projects at home.

Shae Siddals

Second Year Apprentice

Shae is our very determined apprentice, currently doing her second year. Her passion grew for the trade when she started learning how to do minor repairs and vehicle maintenance. At first her attention was on the fact that she could help the people she loved stay safe on the road. She loves the dirty work – sometimes more then our guys and the empowerment she feels being a woman in the trade is very inspiring.

John Stockland


John is our detailer as well as he has started doing some body work on our restoration projects here at the shop. He actually was a deckhand for 22 years on a tugboat before returning to getting into his passion of vehicles. John is very passionate about taking something and making it look brand new, his first restoration was at the age of 18 with his 1976 Nova. His off time consists of camping and fishing with his wife.